The Consistent Execution Method

For Online Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Freelancers:



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Simon Goldwhite

"My energy is off the charts, my productivity is amazing and I am still getting breakthroughs every other week based on what I have learned with Kilian six months later. 

I cannot recommend him enough."

Expat Sales Consultant


Lack of focus, poor sleep, low energy levels, poor productivity and time management.


Become more efficient, productive and disciplined to have more time outside work.


We implemented a customized daily structure and  better habits, deep mindset work and gained clarity on how to keep high energy and productivity over the long-term.

Daniel Varga

"This was probably the best investment I ever made in my life. It helped me in so many ways that I can't count. This is the biggest ROI that I can get.

I really recommend working with Kilian."

E-Commerce Business Owner

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Stressed out, lack of time, trying to do too many things at once, lack of structure, time waste.


Have more time, be more relaxed, develop a better mindset, structure week better.


Deep limiting belief and mindset work, clarity on vision and values, establishing an accountability dashboard, better weekly structure and daily routines.

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Conor Ronayne

"With Kilian's help I could finally resolve productivity and mindset issues that I had been struggling with for years. Now I am having more sales calls, as well as time, than ever before.

I have working with Kilian to thank for this."

Digital Marketing Agency Owner


Low quality sleep, social media and phone addiction, inconsistent lead generation, procrastinating on important tasks.


Establish more consistent lead gen, generate more sales calls, being more focused and productive while feeling less stressed and have more time.


Improved daily structure from ground up, implemented strong business habits and general routines, deep mindset work and improved focus and time management.

Balint Pataki

"Kilian was the wake-up call that I needed. I never managed to dig so deep into the underlying reasons for my inconsistency and self-sabotage as with him. 

Now, I'm sticking with habits that I tried to implement for YEARS. Thank you!"

Chatbot Expert


Work-input heavily reliant on motivation and momentum, inconsistent execution on most important tasks,  letting emotions dictate how much I can work


Finding a long term solution for consistency, without relying on momentum and motivation.


Daily consistent habits that are based on identity and become non-negotiable, combined with deep mindset work.



Kilian is the go-to mentor for MANY High-Level online entrEpreneurs

Oliver Otreba

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

“Before working with Kilian I had a few problems when it came to sticking to my schedule which led to the fact I was working late hours on a lot of weekdays.

Thanks to Kilian I know now how to leverage my normal everyday habits in order to implement new habits.

Kilian is a positive, chill coach who really wants you to succeed and will help you to do so.

Highly recommended if you are ready to change your life.”

Joel Schade

Real Estate Expert

"I started working with Kilian, because I felt overwhelmed by all the tasks I wanted or had to do on a daily basis. It drove me crazy to put in so much work and feeling like nothing really evolves.

Within a few weeks Kilian helped me to win clarity over which tasks really affect my success and showed me how to organize myself in a way that fits my personality. Today, I can proudly say I know exactly what to do and finally see the satisfying results of my work!

Thank you, Kilian :)"

Paw Vej

SEO Expert

"I'm extremely happy with the help I got from Kilian, it was a game changer for me. I knew a lot of the things he told me in theory, but he really helped me implement them and that made all the difference for me.

Before I would have a few productive days per week and then I'd beat myself down, resulting in even less productivity. Now, most days are productive and I'm extremely consistent with my routines."

Daniel Matyas

Digital Nomad

"Kilian's positive mindset is like a virus, extremely contagious.

With his assistance we put together a concrete daily action plan that fits my personality to consistently work on my goals. 

No bullshit, just pure pragmatism."

Campbell Watson

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

"Kilian has been the key driver behind my positive habit changes over the past year. 

Kilian combined the practical skills of implementing, along with the deep internal knowledge needed to produce REAL change in my identity."

Charles Rüffieux

Fitness Coach

"Kilian is one of the few guys that overdelivers with his work. Especially his advice on habit building and belief work changed how I work in my business & how I approach my life.

He didn't only make me more successful but made me more calm & grounded when it comes to myself & my life in general.

110% recommended."

Wolf Bogaert

Affiliate Marketing Expert

"Kilian's structured approach is very helpful and he is here to TRULY help and serve you to become your most productive and successful self.

He really is a master at what he does, and absolutely overdelivers consistently and deliberately.

Thank you so much for all the value you put out man!"

*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers: These results aren't typical results. Each client has played full out and committed  himself to do the work necessary to produce lasting results. Our approach is simple but success stories like these require dedication, openness and a commitment to success.