Dear reader,

If there was a phrase that described you best it would be: You want more out of life.

You are not fully satisfied with your current life situation and realize that there is so much more potential within you.

But currently it might be that you:

  • are stuck in an unfulfilling work environment
  • dabble around, having no clear direction and structure throughout your days
  • are easily distracted and give in to impulses once you start working on something
  • don't even really know what you want out of life 
  • have this slight inner feeling of self-doubt and not being good enough

Since you're here, I know you are ready to take on responsibility for your life and commit to change.

The only thing is you don't know how. You don't know where to start. You might even doubt that change is possible.

But believe me, it is.

I've been there, too...

About me

​​Hey there, I am Kilian Markert!

I help others to overcome limiting beliefs and transform themselves by implementing healthy habits.

I spent the past 5 years reading countless books, visiting different seminars and completing many courses on the psychology of mindset, self-image and identity as well as philosophy, spirituality and personal development.

I’ve established a number of crucial habits for myself that allowed me to finally gain clarity about my very own purpose and vision, give me a sense of direction for my life, and let me consistently progress towards my goals.

They also helped me remove my limiting beliefs while transforming my view on what is possible, and helped me to develop a feeling of being unshakably grounded in who I am.

However, this was not always like this…

Let me tell you my story and why I’m doing all of this here:

I spend the majority of my teenage years playing video games, watching movies and dabbling around without any structure, direction or idea what I wanted out of life.

The last bit of structure I had also crumbled when I finished high-school. Nobody told me what I had to do anymore. There were so many options and I was overwhelmed by deciding what to do with my life.

I was thrown into the cold water. I felt lost.

What do I want out of life?

I had no clue.

With many different interests, but without any idea what to pursue and the desire to avoid uncertainty and risk, I did what many others did as well.

I went to college and studied business.

And it was a great time. It was a new environment, I met many great people from all around the world and then there was also the prospect of working in prestigious companies.

I already started dreaming about it. 

Making good money in a well-known company, driving an expensive car, wearing fancy suits, getting the recognition from my peers, being able to go on beautiful vacations to exotic places…

Seems like I’d found my life’s purpose!

I applied to one of my favorite companies, got accepted and started with enthusiasm.

But what I found inside was the total opposite of what I had imagined.

Behind the shiny facade, there where strong hierarchies where criticism was not welcome, a lot of gossip behind people’s backs while you spend most of your time sitting in your cubicle doing meaningless data entry work. Well at least you were wearing a suit for all of that.

If I had to find a phrase to describe the situation and how I felt, it would be:

Total meaninglessness.

What was more frightening was how my colleagues felt about it. They also were the total opposite of being fulfilled.

I could see in their faces that they hated their jobs. And the worst? They spend most of their days commuting to work, where they hated their tasks, then being stuck in traffic while commuting back home and arriving late, only to restart the cycle.

And many of them had been doing that for years.

But what about the money? The recognition? The company car?

Well, it turned out, it is all meaningless when you're stuck in a 9 to 5 rut that you don’t enjoy.

This was the trigger for me. My personal turning point.

Is this how I wanted to spend my life?

Trapped in a cubicle doing what I considered meaningless work?

Spending the whole week working in an unfulfilling environment only to live for the weekend?

Only doing what others were doing or society was telling me because I had no clue about what I wanted or courage to do it?

Things had to change, drastically and as soon as possible.

But what did I want to do instead? What was the alternative? 

I had to figure it out.

I had to figure myself out.

So I quit my job and changed the environment.

I moved to Barcelona and started to question the meaning behind everything I was doing and started a journey of self-reflection. 

What do I want? What am I good? What do I stand for? How do I want my life to be like?

I found that at the root of all this uncertainty where many limiting beliefs I had about myself:

Crippling self- doubt, the feeling of not being good enough, not having what it takes to do something else, the fear of failure, of not amounting to anything and of being alone and abandoned.

I made it habit to think about these questions and work on dissolving my limiting beliefs every day.

After weeks and months of daily self reflection I started to gain clarity one step at a time. 

I changed how I thought about myself and realized step by step that change is possible.

I implemented more habits which over the months literally transformed my identity and gave me clarity and structure.

I got in touch with and reignited my passions, became aware of what I wanted to do, what I am good at and what I find meaningful.

I realized that deep down I’ve known these things all along, but they were clouded by my limiting beliefs.

I started to realize that feeling of meaninglessness was finally gone.

I had clarity, I had goals, I was starting to surround myself with people with similar goals. 

I took tiny steps towards these goals every day. I finally felt grounded, no matter what happened. And the best?

The deep feeling of fulfillment you get when working on yourself and helping others along the way. I started tp develop a burning desire to show others that life can always be fulfilling and meaningful.

So I began to put my learnings and ideas into writing, published articles, answered questions on Quora and helped my friends who had similar problems.

I learned that this is what I really wanted to do.

So after finishing my studies, I decided to go all-in on my passions started to pursue them professionally.

I co-founded Growth-Seminars, a platform for personal development seminars and workshops, allowing people that want more out of life to connect with likeminded others, to exchange ideas and grow together.

Since then I have given numerous speeches and seminars in front of hundreds of people, as well as coached dozens in 1 on 1 sessions.

My content was read by over a million people online.

What is holding people back?

All of this started many years ago with one simple question:

"How can I become the best version of myself and live a fulfilling life?"

I've found that there are mainly three things that hold people back from answering this question for themselves:

  1. Limiting beliefs about oneself, which most of the time stem from childhood conditioning.
  2. No idea about who and where you are now and no vision about who and where you want to be in the future.
  3. No habits and structure in place that ensure reflection, growth and consistent progress towards where you want to be.

My mission:

Therefore, my mission is to help others to become the best version of themselves by overcoming limiting beliefs, implementing healthy habits and designing a life full of self-created meaning and fulfillment.

My philosophy:

I base my approach on my personal top three values. They also make up my own philosophy which I strive to live up to it every day:

1. Unshakably Grounded

Being grounded means to have a deep feeling of being good enough and that you’ll be fine whatever happens.

It means to be unshakably secure in who you are in the present and having a clear direction for the future. This makes you resilient, like a strong rock in the chaotic ocean of life.

Whatever failure happens to you, whatever worry, emotional turmoil or negativity hits you, you won’t start the emotional rollercoaster and be blown around like a leaf in the wind.

You are mentally and emotionally stable.

You don’t react to impulses. You choose your reaction to whatever happens.

You see the opportunity in every obstacle.

You combine Stoicism with optimism, are prepared for the worst but expect the best. 

You are fully present to the moment.

2. Always Growing

You see yourself as an eternal student, who never stops learning and growing. You have an insatiable curiosity for what life has to offer.

You are on the path to becoming the best version that you can be by working on all areas of your life.

Your physical as well as mental health, your relationships, your finances as well as your and wisdom and understanding.

You know that you have to be the change you want to see in the world and that working on yourself will allow you to contribute value back to your loved ones and to the world.

3. Pursuit of Meaning

You know that fulfillment in life stems from doing something meaningful.

You are ultimately working for a cause higher than yourself, you want to give something back and serve others.

You want to make an impact in the world and leave it a better place.

These are my top three values.

If you resonate with these values I’m sure you will also resonate with my work. I hope it makes you grounded and gives you a meaningful sense of direction for your life.

See, I’m just a normal guy. But I have continuously worked on myself.  Small steps, in the right direction, every day.

You can do the same. You can change the way you see yourself and build a life that you fully resonate with. 

One step at a time.


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